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The free version of the SZ Scalper Expert Advisor.

1. Opens only Buy positions.

2. Doesn’t include AutoRecovery function.

For opening positions, the EA uses support and resistance levels, that are detected by advanced adaptive algorithm A.A.P.L.D. and a certain correlation of some standard indicators. The algorithm allows to detect dynamic levels of support and resistance, that gives the opportunity to respond quickly to changes of market conditions.

Minimal recommended deposit:

– $2000 for 0.01 lot for standard accounts.

– $200 (20000 cents) for 0.1 lot for cent-accounts.

This Expert Advisor is intended for trading EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, USDCHF, NZDUSD.

Timeframe – H1. Optionally – M5.

Terminal – MetaTrader 4.

The Expert Advisor can be used either for classic trading by one order or for trading by series of orders. This process is regulated by MaxNumberOfOrders parameter.

DD parameter and ClosePositionsIfMaxOrdersExceeded parameter perform StopLoss function.

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  • EAMagic – magic number of the EA, which allows it to distinguish its positions from others. Must have different values for every chart.
  • AutoLot – if “true”, the EA selects the initial lot size for trading depending on account balance value.
  • Lots – initial lot size is set by user, if the value of AutoLot is “false”.
  • Risk – percentage of the deposit, used for the automatic calculation of the lot.
  • DD – the maximum drawdown as a percentage of the balance, at which all positions of the EA on the instrument will be closed.
  • CommentOfOrder – comment to orders.
  • Strategy1 – if “true”, Strategy3 must be “false”.
  • Strategy2 – if “true”, Strategy3 must be “false”.
  • Strategy3 – if “true”, Strategy1 and Strategy2 must be “false”.
  • TakeProfit – TakeProfit value in points.
  • SaveDeposit – if “true”, the EA will close order series according to value of TakeProfit parameter, divided on number of orders in series.
  • TrailingStop – trailing stop value in points. If 0 – disabled.
  • LotMult – multiplier for the next order opened in the series.
  • AutoStep – if “true”, the EA will detect distance between orders in series automatically.
  • ManualStep – distance between orders in series in points, if parameter AutoStep=false.
  • LimitAveragingLotOnSecondLevel – this parameter allows to limit lot-size increment in orders series on “2-nd” level. It means that trading lot of first order will be multiplied on LotMult parameter only once, and will not be increased after that.
  • MaxLotSize -maximal lot-size allowed by user in order series.
  • MaxNumberOfOrders – maximum allowed number of simultaneous orders.
  • ClosePositionsIfMaxOrdersExceeded – if “true”, the EA will close all positions on the current instrument, if the price approaches the level, at which the number of simultaneous orders would be ClosePositionsIfMaxOrdersExceeded + 1.
  • MaxSpread -maximal value of spread for the EA to open new positions.
  • TerminalGMTshift – time shift of your brokers terminal relatively to GMT. For example, if your terminal’s time is 21:00 and GMT time is 19:00, then this parameter will be equal to “2”. If your terminal’s time is 18:00 and GMT time is 21:00, then this parameter will be equal to “-3”
  • SummerAdjustment – adjustment for daylight saving time (contact your broker for details).
  • SafeMode – if “true”, the EA will use additional filters for enter points.

Parameters are set as for 4-digits servers. They will be automatically recalculated for 5-digits servers.

Recommended account type – any with StopOut level less than 40%.

I will be thankful for your positive reviews and ratings – it inspires me for further improvements of my Expert Advisors.

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