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I am pleasantly surprised by the work of this EA. Its author is a professional.
- FXView

Tests are awesome. Trading in real conditions are so good as it can be at Forex. Thanks for the instrument.
- Investing_forex

Download Silent Master MT5 demo version

If you do not know how to start trading on Forex – take the short training Forex course online for free.

Fully automatic Expert Advisor for night trading during low market volatility. The robot includes elements of the machine learning, which allows to take into account current market situation.

Positions are always protected by StopLoss and DD parameters.

Not martingale, not grid, not arbitrage.

“Set and forget” system, no user participation required.

Broker and deposit

Any broker with small spreads and fast order execution is suitable for trading.

Minimum deposit – $100.

Currency pairs, timeframe, terminal

Trading on EURUSD is recommended.

Timeframe – М5.

Terminal – MetaTrader 5.


  • AutoLot – if “true”, the EA chooses lot size for trading by itself, depending on account balance.
  • Lots – lot size is set by a user, if AutoLot=”false”.
  • Risk – percentage of the deposit, used for the automatic calculation of the lot.
  • DD – the maximum drawdown as a percentage of account balance, at which all positions of the EA on current currency pair will be closed.
  • More Trades – if “true”, the EA will open positions more often.
  • SafeMode – if “true”, the EA will use safer market entry points.
  • ZeroPositions – if “true”, the EA will open positions only if there are no other open positions on the trading account.
  • Visible_TP_SL – if “true”, TakeProfit and StopLoss levels will be visible for broker.
  • AutoTakeProfit – if “true”, the EA will determine TakeProfit value by itself.
  • TakeProfit – TakeProfit value in points. If 0 – disabled. Don’t forget to subtract your broker’s commission from this parameter.
  • StopLoss – StopLoss value in points. If 0 – disabled.
  • TrailingStop – trailing stop value in points. If 0 – disabled.
  • PendingOrders – if “true”, the EA will use pending orders, when possible.
  • MaxNumberOfOrders – maximal number of simultaneously opened orders.
  • MaxSpread – maximal value of spread for the EA to open positions.
  • VirtualSpread – if “true”, additional control of the spread will be carried out by simulating it.
  • Direction – allowed types of orders.
  • CommentOfOrder – comment to orders. Can take any value.
  • EAMagic – magic number of the EA, which allows it to distinguish its positions from others. Must have different values for every chart.
  • AccountFillingType – type of order execution for this type of account. If the advisor does not open positions with default value of this parameter – select another type of execution.
  • Duration of trading in minutes – maximum holding time of an open position, in minutes.
  • CloseProfitsOnly – if “true”, the EA will wait for the position to become profitable, regardless of the “Duration” parameter, if the loss is less than 30% of StopLoss.
  • EndOfMonthStop – if “true”, the EA will stop trading at the end and beginning of a month.

Default parameters are for EURUSD.

Don’t forget about parameter AccountFillingType – set it to a value, that your broker allows/supports. It’s important!

If you want to test the Expert Advisor in the Strategy Tester, do it in “Every tick based on real ticks” mode!

Parameters are set as for 4-digits servers. They will be automatically recalculated for 5-digits servers.

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