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Q: What is a PAMM account?
A: A PAMM account (from English Percent Allocation Management Module) is a kind of trading platform, which is based on trust management of investors’ funds by a trader (manager). PAMM accounts are opened on the basis of broker companies and all settlements between a manager and depositors are carried out automatically. That is, private investors entrust their money to an experienced trader, whose goal is to increase the capital and get a percentage of the profit for that. And it’s a passive income for investors.

Q: Who is a PAMM Account Manager?
A: It’s an experienced trader, who has a large and, what is important, successful experience in Forex trading, and offers his services to increase the funds of private investors. In order for the brokerage company to allow the manager to invite investors to his account, he must documentally confirm his identity and deposit a significant amount of his own funds (the manager’s capital) into the PAMM account.

Q: Can a manager withdraw money from an account?
A: No. Withdrawing money from a PAMM-account is the sole prerogative of an investor. The manager can only send the money to a particular investment instrument. In fact, when you invest in a PAMM account, your money does not go directly to the manager, but only connects to the general account, and the manager does not have any rights for any operations with the money, other than direct investment. The investor can freely deposit and withdraw his funds during the rollover period.

Q: What is rollover?
A: Rollover is an automatic procedure, aimed at collecting statistical data on the state of a PAMM account, updating its information and indicators. At the end of each hour the system automatically records the result of the manager’s activities, calculates the amount of his commission, processes requests for deposit and withdrawal of funds and updates the account information on the broker’s website.