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Point61 Forex indicator

Current version is something incredible. Point61 literally knows all possible price movements!! Awesome!
- Glah_G

Отлично показывает текущие настроения рынка. Спасибо.
- Serjio

My everyday tool.
- Molly Baiden

2 months of using Point61 - very satisfied. Hope new version 2.5 will be brilliant.
- DiExperto

Indicador muy conveniente. Gracias.
- Gnus

Nice indicator!!!
- Iron Cool

Simple, friendly tool.
- Riza Do

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The Point61 indicator is the result of many years of monitoring of price behavior of currency pairs and metals.

It is not a secret, that in times of uncertainty, traders are looking for possible levels of support and resistance – the point, where price should stop its movement.

There are 2 possible scenarios at these points:

  1. Reverse (correction) to the opposite direction;
  2. Breakthrough to continue movement.

Very often these points are used to set stop orders – TakeProfit or StopLoss. And it is important to identify these points to maximize profits or minimize losses.

The Point61 indicator solves 2 problems at once: it determines current trend of movement and shows, where exactly the price is moving to. To get this result, several theoretical developments are used at once, which have been confirmed in practical trading.

The indicator includes forecast function, in several languages.

Every day I receive several letters and messages asking for help to start trading on Forex from traders without experience, who do not understand the general principles of price movement and are not familiar with professional terminology. In the Point61 indicator this task is practically solved: the number of input parameters is minimal, which makes it possible to use the indicator both by novice traders and professionals, who want to confirm their current trading decisions.

Broker, terminal, symbols, timeframe, minimum deposit and type of account

Broker – any.

Terminal – MT4.

Symbols for trading – any.

The working timeframe – from M1 to D1.

Deposit – any.

Type of account – any.


TimeFrame – timeframe, on which the indicator will look for signals to enter the market.

Show all levels – if “true”, the indicator will show on the chart all possible potential stop points of the price.

Show volatility levels only – if “true”, the indicator will show on the chart only levels, based on current volatility.

Show nearest levels only – if “true”, the indicator will only show potential stop points, that are the nearest to the current price on the chart.

Show current channels – if “true”, the indicator will show current price channels on chart.

Color of lines – color of potential price stop points.

Show forecast – if “true”, the indicator will show current forecast for price movement.

Send forecast signals – if “true”, the indicator will send signals, based on graphical forecast.

Show forecast description – if “true”, the indicator will show comments to current forecast.

ShowAlerts – if “true”, the indicator will show windows with current comments.

PushNotifications – if “true”, the indicator will send “Push” notifications to your mobile device.

PlayAlertSound – if “true”, the indicator will play sound signals.

Sound – name of the sound file.

Risks Warning

Forex trading is an activity with a high level of risk.

Do not risk money, that you cannot afford to lose.

Using only one any analytical tool, which is the Point61 indicator, cannot guarantee 100% of profitable deals.

By going to the payment page, you confirm that you have read and accepted the Terms of use

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