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Forex Technical Analysis & Forecast 11.03.2020

EURUSD, “Euro vs US Dollar”

EURUSD reached the target level of 1.1280 and returned to the balance price at 1.1350. Today the possible target levels will remain the same: 1.1375 and 1.1400 above and 1.1280 below.

GBPUSD, “Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar”

GBPUSD broke down several target levels at once and stopped only at 1.2865. Now the pair is trying to break up the important level 1.2940. If this happens, then the growth potential will be opened to 1.2965 and 1.3000. If the price rolls back, then 1.2900 and 1.2860 will become possible targets.

USDCHF, “US Dollar vs Swiss Franc”

Today USDCHF is aimed to continue the main movement down to the levels of 0.9300 and 0.9261. If the correction upwards continues, the possible targets will be 0.9375 and 0.9400.

USDJPY, “US Dollar vs Japanese Yen”

USDJPY has reached the target level of 104.25 and is now correcting up, although it is more likely that the main movement will continue down to the levels of 104.00 and 103.65. In the case of a more lengthy correction up, the target levels may be 104.75 and 105.00.

AUDUSD, “Australian Dollar vs US Dollar”

The Australian dollar broke through all target levels below and stopped at 0.6465. Now the instrument is consolidating around the level of 0.6500. In case of continue to move down, target levels may be 0.6465 and 0.6435. If the upward correction continues, then 0.6525 and 0.6555 are possible targets.

USDRUB, “US Dollar vs Russian Ruble”

USDRUB did not succumb to Monday’s panic and showed moderate growth, compared to last week, to the level of 72.00. Today a rollback is expected to levels 71.00 and 70.00, amid rising oil prices. In case of new players enter the market, growth is possible to the levels of 72.70 and 73.00.

USDCAD, “US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar”

USDCAD reached the target level at the top of 1.3760 and even updated the maximum at 1.3795. At night the pair found balance near the level of 1.3710. Today’s mood indicator will again be the level of 1.3700. In case of breaking it down, the target levels will be 1.3645 and 1.3600. In case of continued growth, the targets may be 1.3760 and 1.3800.

XAUUSD, “Gold vs US Dollar”

Gold reached the target level of 1641.00 and was corrected above the level of 1660.00. Today the price channel between 1660.00 and 1666.50 will be the starting point for further movement. In case of exit the channel up, the target levels may be 1673.50 and 1681.00. In case of going down, the target levels will remain 1650.00 and 1641.00.


Brent reached all target growth levels and even updated this week’s high at 93.00. Now the instrument is being traded at the level of 37.75 in anticipation of the start of trade in Eurozone. In case of breaking this level down, the targets may be the levels of 37.00 and 36.00. In case of continued growth, possible target levels will be 39.00 and 40.00.

BTCUSD, “Bitcoin vs US Dollar”

BTCUSD returned to the channel between levels 7730.00 and 7970.00. Today’s indicator of the mood will be the level of 7848.00. In case of moving down, the nearest target will be 7730.00. In case of moving up, the nearest target is the upper border of the channel at the level of 7970.00.


Forecasts should not be considered as guidance for trading.