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Forex Technical Analysis & Forecast 10.03.2020

EURUSD, “Euro vs US Dollar”

EURUSD paused in its non-stop growth and adjusted to the level of 1.1350. Perhaps, this is the beginning of a big downward movement amid fundamental news from the Eurozone. The closest targets below are 1.1322 and 1.1280. In the case of resumption of growth, the targets for today may be 1.1400 and 1.1450.

GBPUSD, “Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar”

The British pound also shows weakness and is trying to fall to the level of 1.3030. In case of a breakdown of this level, the closest targets may be 1.3000 and 1.2965. In the case of a return to the main movement, today the targets may be 1.3095 and 1.3120.

USDCHF, “US Dollar vs Swiss Franc”

Following the EURUSD, the Swiss franc has grown specularly and is confidently moving towards the level of 0.9375 with the next target at 0.9400. The next resistance of 0.9445 can also be reached today. The target below may be the level of 0.9300.

USDJPY, “US Dollar vs Japanese Yen”

USDJPY sharply changed direction and increased during this night to the level of 105.00. The following targets at the top are 105.25 and 105.65. Although today a correctional movement down to the levels of 104.25 and 104.00 is more possible.

AUDUSD, “Australian Dollar vs US Dollar”

AUDUSD is trading in the channel between two important levels – 0.6550 and 0.6590. In case of breaking the channel downwards, 0.6525 and 0.6495 levels may become possible targets. In case of breaking the channel upwards, the levels of 0.6630 and 0.6670 are expected.

USDRUB, “US Dollar vs Russian Ruble”

USDRUB today is the biggest intrigue. Opening is expected at 75.50. Further, growth is possible to the levels of 77.00 or even 78.90. After that a correction to the level of 74.00 is not excluded.

USDCAD, “US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar”

The Canadian dollar is trading in a wide range between the levels of 1.3600 and 1.3700. Today a decrease to 1.3565 or 1.3525 is more possible. The pair’s growth is not expected today, but in case of breaking the level of 1.3700 up, yesterday’s maximum at 1.3760 may become the target.

XAUUSD, “Gold vs US Dollar”

Gold almost broke down an important level of 1660.00 and demonstrates its intention to reach today the 1650.00 level. After this level, the targets below can be 1641.00 and 1626.00. In case of an increase in the value of the metal, the targets may be the levels of 1666.00 and 1674.00.


Brent improved its positions a little after yesterday’s fall. Today growth is also expected to reach the levels of 37.75 and 38.00. If the downward movement resumes, then the target may be the level of 35.00 and further – 33.50.

BTCUSD, “Bitcoin vs US Dollar”

The BTCUSD movement stabilized and found a balance between the levels of 7730.00 and 7970.00. In case of breaking this channel up, the target may be the level of 8180.00. In case of channel breaking down, the nearest target is 7526.00.


Forecasts should not be considered as guidance for trading.