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Forex Technical Analysis & Forecast 06.03.2020

EURUSD, “Euro vs US Dollar”

EURUSD has reached its target – the level of 1.1240. At the end of December last year, we already saw the same picture. If the level of 1.1240 is the maximum this pair is capable for now, then the target levels below will be 1.1200 and 1.1180. If the upward movement continues during the European and American sessions, the target levels may be 1.1280 and 1.1300.

GBPUSD, “Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar”

GBPUSD also reached the target level of 1.2940 and grew even more – to 1.2965. Today’s targets above could be 1.2995 and 1.3030. In case of correction down, the target levels will be 1.2940 and 1.2900.

USDCHF, “US Dollar vs Swiss Franc”

The Swiss franc showed very good volatility and broke through all support levels. If the downward movement continues following the growing EURUSD, then the target levels may be 0.9402 and 0.9375. In case of a correction up, then 0.9493 and 0.9545 will become possible targets.

USDJPY, “US Dollar vs Japanese Yen”

USDJPY continues to fall, all target levels are reached and passed. Today correction of the main movement is quite possible. The upper target levels may be 106.30 and 106.60. The lower targets are at levels 105.65 and 105.27.

AUDUSD, “Australian Dollar vs US Dollar”

AUDUSD is trading in a narrow range between the levels of 0.6592 and 0.6628. In case of exit the range up, target levels may be 0.6651 and 0.6675. In case of going down, the targets may be 0.6555 and 0.6523.

USDRUB, “US Dollar vs Russian Ruble”

USDRUB is again trying to grow – today the market has opened with upward gap. The level of 67.70 may be difficult for the pair today and we will see a correction to 66.90 or even to 66.50. If the level of 67.70 is broken, then the top targets can be the levels of 68.00 and 68.50.

USDCAD, “US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar”

USDCAD is in the consolidation zone between the levels of 1.3433 and 1.3383. In case of exit this range down, targets may be levels 1.3364 and 1.3333. In case of going up, the target levels may be 1.3466 and 1.3490.

XAUUSD, “Gold vs US Dollar”

Gold reached all the upper target levels and rebounded from the level of 1680.00. Today growth may continue to 1690.00. If there will be a correction down, then the targets may be the levels of 1660.00 and 1650.00.


Brent continues down trend, but support 49.30 has not yet been broken through. Today a correction to the level of 50.25 is quite possible. In case of breaking of the level of 49.30 down, the target level may be 48.10.

BTCUSD, “Bitcoin vs US Dollar”

BTCUSD is trying to break the 9128.00 level up. If the pair succeeds, then the growth potential will be opened to the levels of 9211.00 and 9300.00. If 9128.00 turns out to be too complicated, then it is possible to move down to 8963.00 and 8830.00.


Forecasts should not be considered as guidance for trading.