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Forex Technical Analysis & Forecast 04/03/2020

EURUSD, “Euro vs US Dollar”

EURUSD is trading in a consolidation range around the level of 1.1153. Today is expected to decline to the level of 1.1140. And with its breakdown, the potential to decrease to 1.1100 will be opened.

GBPUSD, “Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar”

GBPUSD corrected the downtrend to the level of 1.2843 and now has turned down again. Target levels may be 1.2765 and 1.2725. If the British pound is strong enough, then the target level will be 1.2855.

USDCHF, “US Dollar vs Swiss Franc”

USDCHF is correcting the downward movement and almost reached the level of 0.9600. Today new attempts are expected to break through this level. If this happens, the next targets will be levels 0.9633 and 0.9660. If it fails to break 0.9600, then the target levels will be 0.9575 and 0.9544.

USDJPY, “US Dollar vs Japanese Yen”

The movement of the USDJPY pair is very similar to the movement of the Swiss franc. This means that the main factor affecting the quotes of these pairs is speculative operations on the American dollar, and not any fundamental reasons. Today USDJPY may be corrected to the level of 107.77 or even to 108.10. But the continuation of the downward trend is more possible, and target levels may be 106.90 and 106.60.

AUDUSD, “Australian Dollar vs US Dollar”

AUDUSD is consolidating above the level of 0.6600. There is growth potential to the level of 0.6633. And with the breaking of the 0.6590 level down, the target may be 0.6555.

USDRUB, “US Dollar vs Russian Ruble”

USDRUB continues to test the level of 66.00. The lower short-term target may be the level of 65.50. Potential for growth is very small for now.

USDCAD, “US Dollar vs Canadian Dollar”

USDCAD is trading in a wide flat range between 1.3385 and 1.3318. Today movements are expected to continue within this range with delays near 1.3365.

XAUUSD, “Gold vs US Dollar”

Gold has broken through several resistance levels at once and is now adjusting around the level of 1636.50. If the upward trend continues, the goals may be 1659.00 and 1673.50. If the correction continues downward, then the target levels may be 1626.00 and 1611.50.


Brent has left the consolidation range near the level of 52.75 and is now moving down to the levels of 51.40. The next target below may be 50.25, although the news background is now quite calm and, most likely, today we will not see big fluctuations. The resistance level is 53.35 now.

BTCUSD, “Bitcoin vs US Dollar”

BTCUSD is trading in the range between the levels of 8963.00 and 8698.00. In case of exit from this range up, the target may be the level of 9128.00. In case of going down, the target will be 8550.00.


Forecasts should not be considered as guidance for trading.